Adidas SL20

shoe review

7 reasons to buy

Runners appreciated the lightweight structure of the Adidas SL20. 

The upper construction helps offer a secure ride, according to a lot of reviewers. 

Many users commented that the shoe is comfortable to wear. 

Some buyers said that it delivers an excellent grip on both wet and dry surfaces.

Several purchasers claimed that the Adidas SL20 is responsive.

The shoe is breathable, a couple of commenters claimed. 

One reviewer testified that the new midsole is as responsive as the Boost midsole. 

3 reasons not to buy

A few wearers noted that the Adidas SL20 is firmer compared to other Adidas running shoes. 

The shoelaces are too thick and long, said some testers.

This running shoe is not supportive, several runners observed. 

Bottom line

Featuring a lightweight construction, the Adidas SL20 is an ideal running partner for runners of all abilities. It is a neutral running shoe that offers a fast and efficient ride. This running companion is crafted with high-quality materials, aiming to deliver a balance of comfort, flexibility, and durability. It is also perfect for casual walks.

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