Late Night Run: Remembering the Journey to get here

The Journey

Today I realized that I am becoming complacent with my weight loss journey. I have dialed down my 10 mile runs every other day and for really no reason, except I am bored. Yes, you can get bored. I am not satisfied or my goal hasn’t been accomplished (195 pounds), but still the inner thought creeps in “You did good, just relax and have a burger or fries.” That just leads to a pattern of overeating and falling backwards .

Saturday Aug 1, 2020

Change it up

Breaking up the process is important to maintaining progress. I feel like I have not focused enough on my eating habits and focused more on the simple route. I see my mistakes and some days I can adjust to those actions. I don’t need motivation, because when I look in the mirror the dad bod project looks right back at me.

The question I must keep asking myself, “How much do you want this weight off and why?” The reality is I have been at this point before ( 209-210 pounds) and I just dropped into a dark phase in life.

Depression and other post combat things often come up, but how I deflect these issues is purely up to how I use my personal training and knowledge base as a veteran peer-support counselor.

I may have the answers in my head, but sometimes the demons fight hard to take me places all vet’s try to avoid, no not suicide, but interactive sabotage. I am not giving up on this mission, my kids depend on me to get it right. I must remind myself to always move forward, even if the voices in my head say otherwise.

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