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Share your Pastimes.

Pastimes makes it easy to find and connect with other outdoor enthusiasts for activities and adventures. Get the app and get out.

Discover nearby activities.
Find your community.Whether it’s hitting the slopes or discovering new climbing crags, Pastimes helps you find and join others near you getting out to
do your favorite activities.Featured PastimesMountain

ClimbingMatch with others up for the same activitiesPut your social life on autopilot. Get notified when others are available and up for getting after the same activities as you.

Create and share
plans with friends.Have the essential details of your plans all in one place. Invite your friends and limit who can share, discover and attend

Get the Pastimes app now.

Meet our ambassadorsJoin our community of influencers and enthusiasts.

Julia KernU.S. Ski TeamJulia enjoys anything outdoors, including climbing, hiking, surfing, & mountain biking

Erika FlowersThe North FaceErika is a mountain athlete learning to mix work and play

Connor KuhlUniversity of UtahConnor is a university student who loves sliding on snow and meeting new people Be an ambassador


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